FINANZE - NEWS NEWS it FINANZE RSS Feed Generator G20, pressure off from China/20国集团,压力来自中国 Eventually US administration comes to realize that in current circumstances blaming China for Yuan exchange rates can only bring to harsh criticism by China about Us fiscal discipline. America badly needs China for financing its public debt; two main prerequisites for that to keep happening is that US public debt starts decreasing at an appreciable pace and that currency exchange imbalances start to be addressed also elsewhere. Euro should depreciate massively as well as Yen, while Sterling should appreciate considerably. Relative exchange rates should be dealt with at a global level, no wonder otherwise that China regularly rejects criticism on yuan fixed exchange regime.来自美国政府最终认识到,在目前的情况下指责中国人民币汇率只能把严厉批评了中国关于我们的财政纪律。美国迫切需要中国的融资其公共债务;两个主要先决条 件,要继续发生的是,美国开始减少公共债务在可观的步伐,并开始汇率失衡问题也必须解决其他地区。欧洲应该贬值以及大量日元,英镑应该升值很大。相对汇率 应处理在全球一级,难怪否则,中方经常拒绝批评人民币固定汇率制度。 Sat, 14 Mar 2009 00:00:00 GMT