FINANZE - NEWS NEWS it FINANZE RSS Feed Generator Yen Fall, Unwarranted 日元下降,无端 Steep fall for the Japanese Yen on speculation that elections due December 16th will se opposition's victory and a further pressuring on Bank of Japan to add to Quantitative Easing. Future likely Prime minister, Abe had that post in 2006/2007, and the tenure of that government was not really different from any other of the last decade: pointed with slow progress both on debt and growth. Quantitative Easing workes no longer, as recent programme by Fed is showing. For structural reforms any government now need at least two years of strong bipartisan backing. Speculating now against yen is really dangerous, especially for Japan, that is implicitly encouraging its citizens to take money abroad at a time of new financing needs, at a time when the two coalitions do not seem well disposed to joint efforts on structural reforms. 12月16日到期的选举本身反对派的胜利,进一步施压日本央行量化宽松的猜测日元的急剧下降。将来可能的首相,安倍晋三,后在2006/2007年度,政府的任期是不是真的不同于任何其他在过去十年进展缓慢,债务与经济增长:指出。量化宽松货币政策workes不再,最近的计划是,由美联储。任何政府进行结构改革现在需要至少两年的两党的大力支持。兑日元的投机现在是非常危险的,尤其是对日本来说,这是含蓄地鼓励公民拿钱在国外一个新的融资需求,在一个时间时,两个联盟似乎不韦勒配置结构改革的共同努力。 Thu, 15 Nov 2012 09:54:00 GMT