FINANZE - NEWS NEWS it FINANZE RSS Feed Generator Yen, A Battle With no Winners 日元,戰鬥沒有贏家 Much of the proclaimed intentions expressed by Mr Abe are based on wishful thinking. Japan will not be able to increase tax revenues due to the forecasted acceleration of GDP by almost one percentage point. That in turn would bolster inflation and weaken yen. Welfare is being cut dramatically, which will make elderly people reluctant to keep funding the enormous government debt. Numbers coming from Toyota last night show that companies that have a good business model can still prosper. Debasing currency will also find enemies in Europe, a market of groowing importance for Japan. This attitude has also revived the ambitions of other nations, among others Swizetrland. The net effect of this currency war will be to put Europe in yet a more difficult crisis. This will backfire against Japan. This propaganda should stop now. 安倍晉三表示所宣稱的意圖的基礎上一廂情願的想法。日本將不能夠增加稅收由於對forecastedan加速國內生產總值的近1個百分點。這反過來會增強通貨膨脹,削弱日元。福利正在急劇下降,這將使得老人不願意,以保持資金的龐大的政府債務。來自豐田昨晚的數字表明,有一個好的商業模式的公司,仍然可以蓬勃發展。貶低貨幣,也找到敵人,在歐洲,日本市場的groowing重要性。這種態度也恢復了其他國家的野心,其中包括Swizetrland。該貨幣戰爭的淨效應將是把歐洲的一個比較棘手的危機。這會適得其反,共同抗日。現在應該停止這種宣傳。 Mon, 28 Jan 2013 17:17:00 GMT