FINANZE - NEWS NEWS it FINANZE RSS Feed Generator Armani porta le collezioni in Cina Mar. 27, 2006 (China Knowledge) – China’s Shanghai will be the final fashion city to host the haute couture exhibition by Giorgio Armani.After its presentations in Berlin, London, Rome and Tokyo, the Giorgio Armani exhibition, organized by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, will open in Shanghai with the support of Mercedes-Benz as the principal sponsor. Shanghai is the Giorgio Armani: Retrospective exhibition’s final stop in Asia. It is organized in cooperation with the Shanghai Art Museum where the 400 garments, original sketches, and audio-visual presentations will be presented, from Apr. 2 to May 3, 2006. The exhibition also examines the influence of Eastern and North African cultures on Armani’s work, while the installation design section features composer Michael Galasso‘s original music score and soundtrack for Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai’s film, In the Mood for Love.This exhibition is supported by Mercedes-Benz. “We are proud to give our support to an exhibition of such a legendary designer as Giorgio Armani who shares our passion for design and style,” says J. Justus Schneider, Director of Worldwide Marketing Communications of Mercedes-Benz.Copyright 2006 Tue, 28 Mar 2006 00:00:00 GMT