FINANZE - NEWS NEWS it FINANZE RSS Feed Generator Background and rationale BACKGROUND AND RATIONALE 背景和基本原理 Fondazione Italia-China is sponsoring a significant amount of initiatives aimed at both promoting Italian exports and helping Italian entrepreneurs to relocate some of their productions to mainland China. Fondazione義大利-China正發起相當重要的行動計畫既促進義大利出口並幫助義大利企業家把他們的一些產品重新安置到中國大陸。 While this remains the core activity of the Fondazione, two further needs seem to be emerging with regard to the relationships between the two countries: 當這保持Fondazione的核心活動時,兩個更進一步的需求似乎關於兩個國家之間的關係出現︰ 1) a better integration of the Chinese community in Italy , still at a very early stage of immigration, according to rules of conduct and business ethics compatible with western culture. This issue has to be addressed urgently to avoid the risk of hostile reception by Italian population, potentially developing in areas of heavier immigration such as Milano or Prato; 1)在義大利的中國社區的更好的整合, 仍然在移民的早期階段,根據與西方文化相容的行為和商業道德的規章。這個問題必須被緊急處理避免義大利人口的敵對的接待的危險, 潛在在像米蘭或者普拉托那樣的更沉重的移民的地區發展; Wed, 15 Jun 2005 00:00:00 GMT