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Jackson Hole, Draghi Clears His Presence

"Too busy working" Draghi cancels at short notice his presence at the symposium. Two in our opinion the conclusions:
1) There is no joint effort between the Fed and the ECB. Bernanke attends to the meeting and if there was common planning between the two central bankers this would have been a good chance to prove it.
2) If Draghi is not in a position to bring forward a program to purchase securities on peripheral countries on that occasion all the more  we believe it should not occurr at the meeting to be held Spetember six by ECB, where the majority shareholder, representative of the Bundesbank would oppose such measures. Never in the history of a central bank the opinion of the majority has been neglected.

It really seems that the market has built a castle in the air which will likely come down ballooning.



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